Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midnight Reunion on 22 September 2008

It was really cool when Sherry and Jeffrey came to Doctor Who Theater this week. I had not seen them in quite a while and it was good to catch up. They seem happy and active. Jeffrey has been going to Scrabble tournaments and walking away with money in places like Atlanta. He now knows all of the two and three-letter words by heart and is moving on to four.

Jacob was surprised to learn that Jeffrey has been coming to Doctor Who Theater since 1994, and that Sherry and Jeffrey first met at Doctor Who Theater and are now happily married. Who says there isn't enough love in DW?

We watched Midnight as it is a stand-alone and is pretty creepy. Low budget and all, but very well done. It seems clear that the people are the monsters, but the voice antics is about as creepy as I have seen DW get. Excellent concept carried out well with a minimum of special effects.

This night was also important because it was the end of the television era for me. I stopped watching broadcast or cable television about eight years ago and have been very happy. I watch DVDs and when I really need to see something I throw my computer screen onto my big television. I have taken to running screensavers on my television as an added bit of viewing candy for my living room. But, after long a trusty service, my television has died. I decided that it will be my last television. For my needs I will simply use a large LCD computer screen attached to my Mac mini. No more televisions. I like it already and the picture is better. Now I will shop for a bigger screen to use in a few weeks.

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