Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sontaran Strategem - Poison Sky 27 October 2008

It was a nice group this evening. I think they were feeling a little sympathetic as it was the night before my birthday, but I was glad to have extra visitors to Doctor Who Theater this evening. We had David Register, Nicole Colston, Jacob Klein, Sam Natale, Alli Hamlin and Tom Dionesotes. They enjoyed and commented a lot, so that got us all in the spirit.

We watched the two-parter from the 2008 season, and it was good fun and good viewing. My AVI file broke down at the climax, but I found another copy, with them crying out to see what took place. I like that. They want to know the result even though it is obvious that the Doctor will win.

It was great to be home, and Doctor Who Theater at home is even better than Doctor Who Theater on the road in South America.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Time Monster October 20 2008

I am here in Santiago, Chile and it is Monday night. But, I have brought Doctor Who Theater on the road. I brought one of my favorite classic episodes with John Pertwee as Doctor #3 and Roger Delgado as the Master. Roger is great in this episode.

While a bit long it is a really great story. I love it when the direction of the story changes completely in the middle when the action changes from England to ancient Atlantis. I think Atlantis is destroyed several times in several different ways in the Doctor Who universe.

I was by myself in the hotel room but I still talked back to the picture and made traditional comments, especially when the Master's TARDIS was clearly made of styrofoam or some other light material.

Doctor Who Theater cannot be stopped as it goes global.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dalek 13 October 2008

Having finished watching the most recent season last week, we decided to pick something that neither Jacob nor his friend Andy had seen, and that took us back to the first series of the latest installments, complete with Rose and Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

It is a really good episode, and discloses things about the Doctor that do not really get resolved until the end of the last season -- like his violent urges and the way Rose tries to calm him down and stop him from using that big gun. It is true, he is a better Doctor today because of what Rose has taught him.

This night was a difficult one, because as many of you know I also love two other thin gs that begin with the letter D, those are debate and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers faced a tough national league championship game at the same time as Doctor Who Theater, but in a defining choice I went for the Doctor.

Next week I will be in Chile on Monday night and I will just watch something on my own in my hotel room, probably. Or with friends. Doctor Who is always better with friends.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turn Left, Stolen Earth, Journey's End 6 October 2008

Davros is back, and watch out, he has a reality bomb!

We had worked our way through the library two-parter and had seen Midnight, so it really was time to see TURN LEFT, the awesome counterfactual what might have been story about if Donna and the Doctor had not met, if she had turned right instead of left one day while driving.

Jacob Klein, Nicole Colston and Sam Young had dropped in to see it. TURN LEFT had a big effect on them and after It was over they just sat there. The dvd player in my Mac Mini just went ahead after a few minutes and started to play STOLEN EARTH. I paused it and asked if people were really into it, and they said yes. So, forward we went.

The two-parter that ends the most recent season is one of the most amazing Doctor Who stories ever, and I remember how difficult it was to wait a week for the conclusion, not knowing which companion would die, whether the Doctor would regenerate and a whole lot more.

The Doctor takes a real hammering in this story, especially from Davros, who accuses him of turning his friends into weapons and being the greatest destroyer ever. Rose is back and that is great, and the whole crew gets together -- Torchwood posse, Sarah Jane's crew and everyone else except Rose's father. They all have a part to play.

What happens to Donna is sad, but at least I like it when the Doctor tell's Donna's mother that she should treat her with some respect.

I am now compiling Sarah Jane Adventures from this new season, so perhaps we will watch that next time. But, for sure, this was a real fun Doctor Who Theater and the end of an awesome season.