Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Impossible Planet & Satan Pit 8 December 2008

It had been a few weeks off for Doctor Who Theater. Having been on the road and incredibly busy we even missed the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who while in Europe. But, we delayed the 45th celebration until tonight.

It was a good crowd, with David Register, Tom Dionesotes, Sam Natale, Alli Hamlin and her sister Ariel. Ariel turns out to be quite a Doctor Who fan so I got to show her a lot of my loot, including lots of autographed photos.

We picked this two-parter because people were unfamiliar with Rose (imagine that) and wanted to see something spooky with, as Sam Natale indicated, "lots of cool monsters." I guess this episode does all of that.

Great fun. Next week I will be in Malaysia and I will try to have the theater anyway. We shall see.

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