Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Planet of he Ood 2 February 2009

Back from Thailand and safely in the Skycave. Lots of jet lag but still lots of excitement from the trip. I loved seeing Kathy (Koller) Tosi on this trip and we had our Doctor Who memory moments which were sweet.

David Register came over again and we just continued with our season four viewing and cued up Planet of the Ood. It was interesting how this matched up with the motion from the final round of the tournament in Thailand that I judged, where students debated about the rights of migrant labor in Thailand. Certainly there was nothing as bad as what happened to the Ood, where they have a big chunk of their brain removed and a voice box stitched on where it was. The whole idea of a race of beings who hold their brains in their hands and therefore are inherently peaceful seemed fascinating to me. Of course, you would have to evolve on a fairly gentle planet to have that happen, but hey, it is science fiction. Such a race would naturally be abused and misused by such as the corporate human.

We drank some Sang Som rum that I brought back from Thailand. It is Southeast Asia's best drink, in my opinion. Long live Doctor Who Theater.

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