Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Partners in Crime & Fires of Pompeii - 25 August 2008

During the calm before the school year starts, Jacob Klein and I watched the first two "Donna" episodes of the latest season. Partners in crime has an insane plotline with devious alien weight loss plans. Donna tracks down the Doctor and finally finds him, although it is not clear how excited he is about it. I love the return of Wilfred, Donna's grandpa, to the show after a brief appearance in Voyage of the Damned. The Fires of Pompeii episode seemed kind of run-of-the-mill until the ending, where it has some real power. Donna teaches the Doctor (and me) a powerful lesson, that you don't have to save everyone, but that you should try to save someone. The exact nature of the aliens could have been better expressed, but it was a fun episode. I loved the sisterhood and the prophet of Pompeii who, when the Doctor makes fun of him for not being correct in his knowledge, surprises the Doctor by telling him he knows he is from Gallifrey. How did he know that?

Bojana returned from a visit with her students now here in the USA during Fires and was all smiles.

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