Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Voyage of the Damned - 18 August 2008

We had a good viewing last night. It was a small house (the dull period when summer is over and before the students come back) but Bojana Skrt and Jacob Klein came over and we had a fine time. Jacob had not seen much from the beginning of this season and Bojana had only seen the latest Christmas episode once, so Voyage of the Damned it was.

While some of the sets looked a bit stiff (the bridge of the ship, for example) the peformances were quite good. One of my favorite lines is between the Doctor and Astrid Perth (Kylie Minogue). She says, "You look pretty good for 903." The Doctor responds, "Well, you should see me in the morning." She smiles and says, "OK."

Some out of town visitors in future weeks should expand the audience. But, it is always fun.

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